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Ultimate Archer 2016


Thank you for your interest in the Ultimate Archer Challenge.  This tournament has been designed to bring together our archery community for a day full of challenge and fun.  Participants will be able to enjoy an excellent competition venue at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Easton Archery Center of Excellence.  Our goal is to take the event a step further in order to continue to provide that excellent and fun competition experience for archers as well as to move our sport forward and help it to grow.

We are excited to be expanding the scope of an archery tournament to crown the Ultimate Archer using three formats, Indoor, Outdoor and a Gauntlet round to test the skills of each and every contestant.  



November 5, 2016 (rain or shine)



Easton Archery Center of Excellence
2800 Olympic Parkway
Chula Vista, Ca 91915



Gates open at 6:30am
Equipment check 6:30am
Opening ceremony 7:50am
Official practice 8:00am
Official start 8:30am



Fees: September 3, 2016 to October 30, 2016 = $60.00 USD.
     Late Registration: October 31 - November 4, 2016 = $80.00 USD
Lunch is included in your registration fee and will be available for $10 to spectators



Adult men and women 

• $100 Bow n Arrow Shop (Gift Certificate)
• $75 Performance Archery (Gift Certificate)
• $50 Willow Creek Archery (Gift Certificate)

Junior boys and girls 

• $50 Willow Creek Archery (Gift Certificate)
• $40   Performance Archery (Gift Certificate)
• $30   Bow n Arrow Shop (Gift Certificate)

Youth boys and girls 

• $50 Willow Creek Archery (Gift Certificate)
• $40   Performance Archery (Gift Certificate)
• $30   Bow n Arrow Shop (Gift Certificate)

Ultimate Archer Championship team

• Commemorative Ultimate Archer Challenge medallion for your quiver



Interested in sponsoring this event? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info on becoming an official sponsor of the Ultimate Archer Challenge 2016


• World Archery Rules:
• Target sizes and distances may vary from World Archery Rules
• Compound bow may not exceed 60lbs. 
• Due to location and safety practices – Sky drawing is strictly prohibited
• USA Archery Dress Code:
       (Jeans and t-shirts are welcome, no offensive slogans.)
• Exception – Camo bows and clothing welcome 
• Citizenship: No restrictions


• Youth – through the calendar year of your 14th birthday.
• Juniors – through the calendar year of their 18th birthday.
• Adults – 18 years and above.


• Barebow/Traditional
• Olympic Recurve (Unlimited)
• Compound (Unlimited)

OUTDOOR ROUND (122cm Target Face)

• Barebow/Traditional  
• Youth – 25 meters
• Juniors – 30 meters
• Adult – 40 meters
• Olympic Recurve 
• Youth – 30 meters
• Juniors – 50 meters
• Adult – 70 meters
• Compound
• Youth – 30 meters
• Juniors – 50 meters
• Adult – 70 meters
• 36 Arrows
• 6 Arrows
• 4 Minutes per end


INDOOR ROUND (Vegas Format)

• Barebow/Traditional
• Youth, Juniors and Adult –  20 yards
• Olympic Recurve
• Youth, Juniors and Adult –  20 yards
• Compound
• Youth, Juniors and Adult –  20 yards
• 30 Arrows 
• 3 Arrow ends
• 2 minutes per end


A line, series, or challenge – one that poses some sort of ordeal

• Static outdoor distance
• Same distance as Outdoor round for all classes and divisions 
• Static mini 3 meters
• Moving Target (side to side)
• Divisions will have different bullseye dots on one target butt
• Adult target 40m
• Junior target 30m
• Youth target 20m
• 3D Rinehart Velociraptor 70m
• Adult Compound – Ten Ring
• Adult Olympic Recurve – Eight Ring
• Adult Barebow/Traditional – Anywhere on the body (not including claws)
• Flying Disc
• 20m with generic bow and Flu Flu arrows (equipment is supplied)
• Iron Bullseye
• Same distance as Outdoor round for all classes and divisions
• Archers will have the option to shoot a soft target, but if you choose the iron bullseye and strike the yellow area the points double to 20.
• 6 arrows total
• One arrow per Gauntlet target
• 4 minutes per end


• The top three archers form each class and division will run a final Gauntlet round to determine the Ultimate Archer between Compound, Olympic Recurve and Barebow/Traditional archers.

• Youth Girls 
• Youth Boys
• Junior Girls 
• Junior Boys
• Adult Women 
• Adult Men

• Archers will alternate shooting
• Ties will be settled at the Flying Disc station


• Each archer will receive an athletes number bib colored red, white or blue
• The team finishing with the highest cumulative score wins 
• The finals rounds count toward your overall team score, so cheer on your team’s color for the bragging rights as the Ultimate Archer Team Champs


Event Properties

Event Date 11-05-2016 6:30 am
Registration Start Date 09-01-2016
Capacity 128
Registered 42
Available place 86
Cut off date 11-05-2016 5:00 pm
Individual Price $80.00
Olympic Training Center
1663 Sweet Gum Pl, Chula Vista, CA 91915, USA Chula Vista, CA 91915
Olympic Training Center
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
$80.00 86
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